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I Don't Mind Sin - G‑d and Us

http://www.chabadcenter.com/library/article_cdo/aid/2598880/jewish/I-Dont-Mind-Sin.htm (via shareaholic)

But your soul can always be revived. For the Talmud teaches that just as one sin leads to another, so one mitzvah leads to another. If one sandwich can freeze your spirit, one good deed can bring your soul back to life, melting the ice of indifference and allowing you to feel again. The first step is hard, but the next one is easier.

You have proven the numbing power of breaking the Torah%u2019s rules. Now prove the reviving power of keeping them, and do just one mitzvah.
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And my question is ....

Here's an article that does the, "On the one hand ..." and "On the other hand ..." binocular look at the issue of Gun Control.


It's an excellent article gathering many authoritative sources.

It fails, however, to address the one single question that bugs me (as a fiction writer). If I'm building a world in which a certain plot is working itself out, I have to ask, "But what if the (whatever element) is actually the one with Evil Intent?"
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Hero, Coward, Modern Citizen


Is an interesting article about the attitudes toward the issues of the world today, drawing parallels with the ancient past that many might not quite get but still making a point worth thinking hard about.

As a fiction writer, I can see how those fighting against Western Civilization put all that is human, decent and right into the vibrancy of their sacrifices -- just as the characters on the TV Show Falling Sky draw on all that's decent and right to defend humanity from the invaders.

I think it interesting that Falling Sky is depicting those invaders to be very different from what they seem to be at first glance, very equivocal.

As a civilization, we have some very deep thinking yet to do, the kind of thinking I point toward with my novels, especially my new publication, THE FARRIS CHANNEL coming soon in paper and e-book.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
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alien romances: Genetic Mechanism By Which Love Conquers All

http://aliendjinnromances.blogspot.com/2010/10/genetic-mechanism-by-which-love.html (via shareaholic)

That's one of my own blog posts, this one connecting scientific discoveries to love. 

But one important thing I didn't mention in that post is about speaking Kind Words.

Rabbi Akiva held that a very important cornerstone of the Torah is "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself" -- which is kind of dated in this current era of self-hatred.  But it's really a touchstone by which to judge your emotional reactions to other people's behaviors, and the tendency to want to FORCE them to behave (i.e. "there ought to be a law")

The speaking of words is just about the most powerful thing a human being can do. 

Selecting your vocabulary for accuracy, distinguishing between fact and opinion, using speech to elevate spiritual awareness rather than bludgeon and vilify -- speaking with care, meaning what you say with your whole heart, all of that is vitally important.  Nothing else can come to you until you prioritize the issue of your own speech in your behavior value system.

And LISTENING with all your whole heart is likewise right at the top of the scale.

Love your neighbor as yourself -- LISTEN TO THEIR PAIN and PLEASURE.  Hear what's going on inside others.  Let it resonate within you.  Respond with kind words because your whole heart vibrates with kindness. 

OK, well, it's a goal to achieve not necessarily a trait you're born with.  It'll take some work.  But every bit of effort will be rewarded -- according to the science cited in this blog entry. 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg